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I live in Union County and when I need an accessory that’s unique and won’t break the bank, I travel more than 70 miles to Aenigma. Never have I been disappointed!!! The jewelry and accessories are awesome and the staff is so very customer focused – thank you, Lynda.


Atmosphere, service and quality are number one!

I love jewelry and accessories, and have shopped in NY and California for many years But, I was so excited when I entered the lavish atmosphere and the high quality of jewelry and accessories that Aenigma had. I know I will be back many times. The owner, Lynda was polite enough to give me special attention, and caring, which helped me choose exactly what I wanted most. So for atmosphere, service and quality for jewelry and accessories I would vote Aenigma in Collingswood NJ, number one.

Helene Evans

Uniqueness, Quality & Style!!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!! it’s more than a store it is an experience! the jewelry, clothes & accessories are wearable works of art! I sing your praises to all my friends who appreciate the uniqueness, quality & style you exhibit. it’s like stepping into an art gallery. finally I found a place I can rely on for all the above:-)))

Ms. Deborah

Magnificent pieces and superb taste.

As usual, you have the most magnificent pieces and superb taste. I am very, very proud of what you have accomplished and you deserve the wonderful recognition you obviously have. The very best to you!

Beverly Rudow

BEST costume jewelry store!

If you never go to another costume jewelry store in your life, then THIS store is a “MUST” and the BEST costume jewelry store I have EVER SEEN! The bling will blow your mind……..I ALWAYS go there when I’m in the area. Do yourself a favor and visit this store……….you will NEVER FORGET IT!


My Favorite Store

Aenigma is my favorite store by far. Linda, the owner, has a sharp eye and great style and it shows through in her merchandise. Best jewelry around. If you come into Collingswood for the dining, you must stop in and pick up something for yourself or for a gift. Truly unique. ~Johanna


great experience

Always a great experience

bobbie schmidt

A Great Store!

This is a great store. The people are wonderful,not just because my mom works here. All the jewelry is great it is all very exciting. I bought many things from here. I love to come here to see every one.

Keith R.

The Only Problem Is, I Can’t Decide…Everything is Beautiful!

Aenigma is a lovely shop, with gorgeous things. Truly a delight for the eyes. The jewelry is unique. It is so hard to decide just what to purchase because there is so much to choose from and each item is is enticing and exciting. Linda is helpful without being overbearing. I will certainly be back.



I just found this wonderful boutique in the heart of Collingswood! It has so much, I didn’t know where to look first! Prices are very fair, selection incredible, and bought myself a gorgeous angora jacket and scarf. The woman there was so helpful & nice, it made my shopping experience a real pleasure. I would totally recommend going there to check out everything they have. You will definitely love the shop, and everything in it!

Emily Irwin

Reasonable Prices & Unique Gifts!

I purchased a watch here last spring. Very reasonable price for a very unique looking watch. I get more compliments on it then a Cartier that I owned once. I have mentioned your store to many of my friends as the perfect place for a one of a kind gift. Your prices were a pleasant surprise!! I will continue to stop in to browse; or maybe another of your one of a kind watches can be added to my new collection! Best of luck with your lovely store!

Judy Arena

Amazing Selection

Whether you’re looking for a gift, an accessory, or piece of jewelry for a special occasion, or “just looking”, Aenigma is the place to go. The selection is amazing. There is something for everyone…and the prices are so reasonable! I went specifically for something to wear to a wedding, and had a difficult time deciding. There was so much to choose from! The staff was so helpful, and never did I feel any pressure to buy. It was really fun trying so many different things. Of course I purchased a gorgeous necklace (which I got so many compliments on) and also found great gifts for my three daughters! Next time you’re in the neighborhood, or make it your destination…visit Aenigma in Collingswood, N.J.

Resa Stein

Exquisite on every level!

Aenigma Jewelry & Accessories is an amazing place!! It looks like a gallery from the moment you walk in the door. The glass cases are spotless, and everything in the shop shines and sparkles. I find new items that I fall in love with every time I go in! The pieces that Aegnigma carries are truly works of art, and a lot are one-of-a-kind. The owner, Lynda Kane, travels the world finding beautiful jewelry & accessories to carry in her shop…and she is SO sweet! One of the nicest women I have ever met. I know her success will continue, because Aegnima (in many ways), is truly a one-of-a-kind boutique! – not to mention, experience!

Emily Lamboy

THE place for tiaras!

Need a tiara? This is the place to go. With about ten different tiaras to choose from, you should be set for princessly gear for years to come. But the selection does not end there. The quality bling in this store left me speechless. They were kind enough to let me try on this beautiful blue-stoned necklace even though I was upfront with the fact that I couldn’t afford it. We’re not talking rubies and emeralds here, most of this is well-designed, creative and gorgeous costume and semi-precious jewelry that the owner Lynda finds through her world travels. But that’s just the sort of thing I like. If you’re planning a wedding or just want to look like you’re attending a fancy ball, I highly recommend stopping here and picking out your shiny things. She also carries some clothing and other accessories which were also high quality and pretty neat.

Nicole R.


I’m so excited to discover a place where I can find a gift for my wife, mom or sister-in-law without going to the mall! The selection is fantastic, everything is really unique and the prices are really fair. Plus, they have an ad page on http://www.moderncoupo… so I can snap up a coupon to redeem and save an extra couple bucks!

Andre M.

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Style, Beauty & Grace

Aenigma Jewelry & Accessories is truly a work of art. Each piece of jewelry is so unique and beautiful. The owner Lynda, travels the world and chooses jewelry & accessories that are true masterpieces. The store sparkles and I promise, you will be in awe from the moment you enter this amazing shop! My friend and I wore necklaces on a NYC trip and received compliments from so many people!

Emily Lamboy

Best Place to Buy Yourself a Gift

C'mon, you can let yourself do it every now and then. Splurge on yourself. Go to Collingswood for lunch at any of their awesome restaurants, then head to this lovely boutique and take your time selecting a gorgeous shawl, or maybe a unique, handcrafted necklace. Then again, the bags are bursting with color. So maybe this should be the best place to buy yourself a few gifts.

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Best Place for a Husband to Find a Gift for His Wife

If you're a husband who needs a little help when it comes to shopping for your significant other, let the women at Aenigma help you. Their shop is loaded with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry and other fine gifts, like handbags, scarves and decorative belts. You’re sure to find something, so relax.

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